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Anchorage Cliffs
Anchorage Cliffs.jpg
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Map MarkerCliffs
Part ofAnchorage Reclamation simulation
SectionsField storage
QuestsThe Guns of Anchorage
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TerminalsChinese Terminal
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These cliffs are landmarks in the Anchorage Reclamation simulation in 2277.


The cliffs hold a United States Army outpost that were bombarded by Chinese forces, who allegedly killed more of their own forces in their artillery bombardment than American personnel.[1] The Chinese also posted their elite dragoons throughout the caves within the cliffs watch the network, protected from the indiscriminate bombardment of the Chinese.[2]


The Anchorage Cliffs are the starting point of the simulation where you first meet Sergeant Benjamin Montgomery and the general outside area during The Guns of Anchorage. When you wake up, there is a craggy pathway leading forward to a platform with a Chinese soldier on it. The platform additionally has some crates with a health dispenser on them. The platform connects to another via a catwalk and that platform is connected to the other side of the cliffs with a long bridge. If continuing forward, there is an overlook with a sniper rifle, a frag mine and another health dispenser. However, going back, there are stairways that switch-back along the walls and lead to a shelter with some Chinese resistance, along with a Chinese assault rifle, an ammo dispenser, and some frag mines and grenades. Through the door is a large pipeline with a broken bridge. There is a Stealth Boy on some boxes up the path to the right. Continuing is a catwalk covered cliff side that leads to the cave outpost.

After exiting the cave outpost, you continue on with Sergeant Benjamin Montgomery down a pathway along the cliffs. This leads to some catwalks with a couple of Chinese soldiers on them. Nearby, there is a large white pipe that leads to a Very Easy locked field storage that contains an intel suitcase under the desk and the holotape "Bombardment". After passing a bridge that leads to another shelter, there is another Very Easy locked door that contains another intel suitcase on a control panel and the holotape "Goodbye". The passage has a path on the right that leads to the cave outpost. Alternatively, through the passageway is a doorway to the Chinese artillery outpost. There are two bunkers with Chinese resistance outside the doors.

Notable loot


These cliffs appear in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.