Amoral Combat

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Amoral Combat
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Quest data
Cola-Cars Arena
Given ByFritsch
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Amoral Combat is a repeatable quest in Nuka-World.


With the Overboss position filled and secure, the Nuka-World settles into a lull. That is, until someone ventures into the Gauntlet...


  1. Talk to Fritsch at the Nuka-Cade. Decide whether to dispose of or face the challenger.
  2. If fighting, head to the Cola-Cars Arena. Enter the arena and fight the challenger.
  3. Kill them to complete the quest.


  • Sabot: A Gunner using Stealth Boys and attacking with a silenced assault rifle.
  • Wretch: A raider in power armor, using Nuka grenades and a laser rifle.
  • Rage: A super mutant with a super sledgehammer.
  • Commander Bear: A Gunner in power armor, with an assault rifle and frag grenades.
  • Sabine: Raider with a power fist.
  • Rogue Knight: A former Brotherhood member in power armor and Aeternus.

After all these are exhausted, new combatants will spawn, selected at random. They can be a Gunner, a Gunner in power armor, a supermutant, a raider, or a raider in power armor.