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For the similar machine in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt, see ammo press.
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Ammunition Plant
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Used forAutomated manufacture of ammunition
Base IDxx000000

Ammunition plant is a world object in the Fallout 4 add-on Contraptions Workshop.


This large rectangular contraption automatically produces ammunition when one of the pre-programmed ammunition types is selected from its software. This machination is operated from a makeshift terminal which has the Schlocket Industries Automated Manufactory Control Panel loaded onto it.

Simply attach a wire from a power source to power the device and attach a second wire to said terminal to operate. The ammunition plant requires 8 power, as well as the first ranks of Gun Nut and Science! to create. Ammunition is manufactured in boxes of ten.

While the plant only requires the first rank of Gun Nut to build, the rank of Gun Nut required to build certain types of ammo varies. 10mm, .308, .38, and 5mm ammo are available by default, .45 and shotgun shells require the second rank, 5.56mm and .44 require the 3rd, and 2mm and .50 require the 4th.

Image Item Requirement
10mm round
2mm EC
Fo4 308Ammo.png
.308 round
.38 round
Fo4 44Ammo.png
.44 round
.45 round
.50 round
Fo4 556mm.png
5.56 round
5mm round
Fo4 Ammo 14.png
Shotgun shell