Alien blaster (Fallout Shelter)

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Alien blaster
FOS Alien Blaster.png
Game tile Fallouit Shelter.png
Game tile Fallouit Shelter.png

Alien blaster is a weapon in Fallout Shelter.


The alien blaster is extraordinarily rare, powerful and it surpasses most other alien weapons. It is one of the most formidable weapons in the Fallout games to date.


Variant name Description Rarity Damage
Rusty alien blaster Left on this planet a long time ago. Still ludicrously powerful Legendary 18
Alien blaster A technologically advanced weapon of alien origin. 18-19
Tuned alien blaster 18-20
Focused alien blaster Specifically enhanced for maximum Earthling annihilation. 18-21
Amplified alien blaster This much power is usually reserved for a Zetan cruiser. 18-22
Destabilizer Scatter the atoms of your foes... or an entire planet. 18-23