Aldersea Day Spa

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Aldersea Day Spa
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Map MarkerAldersea Day Spa
FactionsSuper mutant
Cell NameAlderseaDaySpaExt
DLC03AlderseaDaySpa01 (interior)
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xx016665 (interior)

The Aldersea Day Spa is a location in Fallout 4.


Once a thriving spa, the patrons and employees alike died where they stood when the massive radioactive fallout reached them. Since then, the site has become a super mutant camp.


The main lobby holds a reception area, and a few massage rooms; there is also a room in the southwest that is Advanced-locked, holding an Advanced-locked safe. Toward the back is super mutant cooking pot surrounded by slaughter and gore. On the north side of the room is a staircase that descends into the basement, which holds a locker room and adjacent swimming pool and sauna, the latter of which holds a steamer trunk.

Notable loot

  • The Aldersea Day Spa key is found on a super mutant in the basement, and opens the Expert-locked door on the northeast side of the building.
  • Bathrobes in the massage rooms.


The Aldersea Day Spa appears only in Fallout 4.