Albino gatorclaw

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Albino gatorclaw
FO4NW Gatorclaw Albino.png
Location(s)Safari Adventure
Level50 → 75 (1.25x player level)
Health510 → 755
60 Normal damage
Special AttacksRubble throw
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Gatorclaws are creatures found in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Gatorclaws are genetically modified crocodilians that were created centuries after the Great War by Dr. Darren McDermot, a biologist working at the Safari Adventure Replication Facility. Left ghoulified by the radioactive fallout, he sustained himself using the Nuka-Gen Replicator to clone tissue samples and grow them for food.[1] This kind of life went on for centuries until Dr. McDermot spotted a group of scavengers wander into Safari Adventure. Knowing that that the Nuka-Gen Replicator couldn't fall into the wrong hands, McDermot became determined to create a specimen that could protect him, as well as the facility. Even after admitting that he was going against his better judgement, he spliced a few of the more dangerous tissue samples he had left in the refrigeration storage at the facility.[2]

After a few years filled with mathematical and chemical research, he finally created something that could protect the Nuka-Gen Replicator: The gatorclaw. Unfortunately, they could not be tamed as Dr. McDermot had hoped. They were too ferocious, impossible to control. Worse yet, Dermot was injured by the gatorclaws before he could shut the replicator down, leaving it intact and creating new gatorclaws at "an alarming rate." McDermot died of his wounds and recorded a final message pleading anybody to access the cloning lab and deactivate the replicator before it was too late.[3]


Gatorclaws are similar to deathclaws, but originate from alligators instead of Jackson's chameleons. Like their alligator ancestors, they are semi-aquatic and can be found in the various flooded sections of the park. Being reptiles, they are poikilothermic (cold-blooded) and occasionally lounge around, laying on their bellies. However, they are still extremely ferocious and slash at any prey with the large claws attached to their muscular arms.


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These creatures are about as tough as deathclaws and attack relentlessly, using the same animation set and special moves. They have some sense of tactics when attack: at first, they will simply lunge at their target and slash at it. If they don't immediately kill it, they will attempt to flank the target and finish them off that way.

As seen in the stats, the best weapons to tackle their thick hide are conventional, ballistic ones. Energy weapons have an additional 150 points of DR to break through. Albino gatorclaws are even more powerful variants of the base creature.



Gatorclaws appear in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.