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For real world information about the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, see the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System on Wikipedia.
Alaskan Pipeline
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Part ofAlaska, Northwest Commonwealth
FactionsUnited States of America (formerly)
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The Alaskan Pipeline was an important oil pipeline cutting through Alaska down into the continental United States.


Main article: Sino-American War

As part of the Resource Wars, the United States established the Anchorage Front Line to prevent any invasion across the Bering Strait. Strained international relations between China and the United States forced the hand of the Chinese, and they invaded Alaska in the winter of 2066.[1][2] Led by General Jingwei, the Chinese military pushed back American forces and assumed control of the Alaska Pipeline and other reserves. An 11-year conflict ensued, ultimately resulting in an American victory in January 2077 after its military wheeled out the newest addition to its arsenal: power armor.[2]

In addition to the Chinese threat, the Alaskan Pipeline was endangered by forces closer to home; the Canadian government was opposed to the United States mobilizing troops through Canada and its airspace and attempted to sabotage the pipeline. In response, the United States annexed Canada in 2072. Tensions between American forces and Canadian rebels stretched on until the Great War of 2077.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • In Fallout Extreme, a portion of the Alaskan Pipeline was adapted by the Brotherhood of Steel for use as a prison. The Cause would destroy the Alaskan operation in the course of the story.


The Alaskan Pipeline appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage, but was going to appear in the cancelled Fallout Extreme, and was mentioned in Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout 3.


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