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Aiding the Outcasts
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Quest data
LocationBailey's Crossroads Metro
Outcast Outpost
Given ByOutcast Distress Signal
Reward100 XP
AchievementAiding the Outcasts
Xbox Live gamerscoreIcon gamerscore.png20PlayStation 3 trophyIcon ps3trophy.pngSilver
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Base IDxx0009be
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leads to:
The Guns of Anchorage
Paving the Way
Operation: Anchorage
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Aiding the Outcasts is a quest in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Listen to the Outcast distress signal.
  2. Battle your way through Bailey's Crossroads to the Outcast outpost.
  3. Talk to Protector McGraw.
  4. Talk to Specialist Olin and put on the neural interface suit.
  5. Enter the simulation pod.

Detailed walkthrough

Investigate the Outcast distress signal

After installing the DLC, you receive a message about an Outcast Distress Signal and this quest is added to your Pip-Boy.

From the emergency signal you learn that Defender Morrill is asking anybody capable of receiving the signal for support at Bailey's Crossroads.

Bailey's Crossroads can be reached via Bailey's Crossroads Metro just south of the Red Racer Factory. This is a fairly standard tunnel system occupied by a few feral ghouls.

Help the Outcast soldiers

At Bailey's Crossroads a battle is taking place between super mutants and Brotherhood Outcasts, who will mistake you for a Brotherhood Outcast if you have their armor, and will be hostile if you are wearing Brotherhood armor. The battle progresses through a building until you reach the Outcast Outpost guarded by mark IV turrets. Once there, Defender Morrill, who led the Outcasts to the Outpost, asks you to speak with Protector McGraw at the bottom of a freight elevator.

Killing the Outcasts

You can still go into the Anchorage Simulation if the Outcasts are killed. Simply take the neural interface suit from Specialist Olin.

Talk to the leader of the Outcasts

Arriving at the bottom of the elevator, you are greeted by Defender Sibley. Not too happy to see you (unless you are wearing Outcast power armor or make use the Black Widow option), he asks you to keep your mouth shut and follow him. He leads you to Protector McGraw who explains that there is some high-tech equipment locked away and only you with your Pip-Boy can complete the VR program and gain access. This VR program is a simulation of the Anchorage Reclamation. The simulation's safety measures, as a must, have been disabled - dying in the simulator means death in the "real" world as well. The Protector then asks you to follow Sibley to Specialist Olin.

Olin can be found in the room with the simulation pod. She hands you a neural interface suit which according to her is required to be able to participate in the simulation.

Enter the simulation pod

Once you put the suit on, open the simulation pod and activate it. This quest is concluded and you find yourself inside the simulation at the beginning of The Guns of Anchorage.

Quest stages

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  • The emergency radio broadcast is heard approximately 3 to 5 minutes after leaving Vault 101 (if you start a new game after installing Operation Anchorage), regardless of story line progress. If you continue a current game after installing Operation: Anchorage, you will receive the broadcast almost immediately. Completing the simulation prior to any other quests will allow you to equip power armor and gain levels inside the simulation.
  • The emergency signal has a very large broadcast range, and can still be heard clearly 500 kilometers to the northwest, in The Pitt. Also the signal can be heard in Mothership Zeta.
  • Showing up at Bailey's Crossroads wearing a suit of Outcast power armor will cause the Outcasts to treat the player as if he or she were an Outcast officer. At least, until Protector McGraw recognizes that the player isn't a member of the Outcasts. Afterward, the greetings given by non-player characters still address the player as if he or she were an Outcast. This does not apply to the unique version of Outcast power armor from Branchtender Linden.
  • When McGraw first asks the player to enter the simulation, the player can choose the dialog option "Great, more psychotic little girls," referencing their experience in Tranquility Lane. McGraw, understandably, is rather taken aback by this option.
  • If the player has chosen to infiltrate and kill the Outcasts in Fort Independence, there is a dialogue option when talking to McGraw along the lines of "I've killed your buddies at Fort Independence and now it's your turn" which causes the Outcasts to turn hostile. The player can still enter the simulation after killing Specialist Olin and taking the neural interface suit.
  • Similar to the above statement, if you earned Casdin's trust before going to the outpost, there's a dialogue option along the lines of "I've dealt with you people before. Fort Independence, right?", to which he will explain it's their main base of operations. This does not make anyone hostile.
  • If the Outcasts outside do not radio ahead, Defender Sibley can be heard talking to an unnamed outcast about the lift.
  • As she is part of the Brotherhood of Steel, Star Paladin Cross may go hostile and kill all the Outcasts you are aiding.
  • If you have Broken Steel, it is possible to encounter three super mutant overlords (with a super sledge, Gatling laser and tri-beam laser spread between them) on the way to the Outcast base, even at low levels. They can be quite troublesome (if not fatal) for low level players and will almost guarantee the deaths of the initial three Outcast members. On the other hand, this can provide early access to some rather advanced equipment.
  • Any companion following you will not descend into the base with you and remains outside. This can cause problems if there are further attacks by enemies as your companion could easily end up getting killed. To avoid this, dismiss them before entering the Outcast base.
  • If the player enters McGraw's room before Sibley leads them there, when he arrives the player can listen in on an altered conversation where Sibley is berated for not keeping a closer eye on you and letting you wander the base.


  • PCIcon pc.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png If you have completed the first part of the mission, and Defender Sibley is leading you to the Outcast commander, leaving will cause a very odd bug. Sibley will follow you, and will occasionally appear in the oddest places. He has been encountered in the Enclave Mobile Platform (Broken Steel), outside Rivet City, Raven Rock, The Citadel, in the Republic of Dave, and Tenpenny Tower.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png It is possible that after downloading Operation: Anchorage you will not receive the radio transmission at the start of the game and will not be able to get into Bailey's Metro.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Occasionally you may receive the radio signal without having the quest added on your Pip-boy.