Aerotech suite 200

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Aerotech suite 200
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Part ofAerotech Office Park
FactionsNew California Republic
Cell NameAerotechOfficeInterior02
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Aerotech suite 200 is a location at the Aerotech office park.


A ruined office building with most of the electrical wiring damaged beyond repair and halls illuminated with emergency lighting, this is where the most impoverished refugees sleep, among emptied tin cans and crushed dreams. Keith, an unscrupulous drug dealer and gambler, preys on them and anyone else who lives among the detritus of the old world.

The suite has a simple layout, with the sleeping room down the left-hand corridor and the old offices in the back, running along the southern edge of the building. These include two office rooms with a kitchen in between. The westernmost office also contain's Keith's stash of cards.

Notable loot


Aerotech suite 200 appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.