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Ad Victoriam
Ad Victoriam.gif
Quest data
LocationBoston Airport
East Boston police station
Given ByProctor Ingram
AchievementAd Victoriam
PlayStation 3 trophyIcon ps3trophy.pngSilver
Editor IDBoS304
Base ID00173ed9
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leads to:
The Nuclear Option

Ad Victoriam (sometimes misspelled as Ad Victorium in the game files) is both a quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.


Liberty Prime is finally ready for combat, and the time has come to directly assault the Institute. While the scientists at the Institute feel secure underground, the Brotherhood has plans to deal with that advantage, and turn it into a disadvantage.


  1. After speaking with Proctor Ingram, insert the Beryllium agitator into Liberty Prime, and use the nearby terminal in order to fully activate war machine.
  2. Liberty Prime will then need to be escorted through the ruins of Boston, where it will head towards the C.I.T. ruins. Heavy synth resistance is met along the way, although Liberty Prime can handle these threats with no problems. Hang back and collect the loot.
  3. Upon reaching the C.I.T. ruins, Liberty Prime will begin making a hole straight down into the hidden depths of the Institute, in which synths will begin teleporting in en masse, and must be dealt with in order for Liberty Prime to proceed.
  4. After a breach has been made, drop down into the chaotic scene below.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Speak to Proctor Ingram In order to get Liberty Prime's running under his own power, I should speak to Proctor Ingram.
Plug in Beryllium Agitator
Activate Power Transfer Switch With the Beryllium Agitator firmly in place, all that remains is pressing the Power Transfer Switch witch should start up Liberty Prime's reactor.
Follow Liberty Prime It's time to take the fight to the Institute. I should escort Liberty Prime to the ruins of the C.I.T.
Defend Liberty Prime I've reached the ruins of the C.I.T. I should defend Liberty Prime as he smashed his way into the Institute's underground facility.
Enter the Institute. Liberty Prime has successfully penetrated the Institute's defenses. I should enter the Institute and begin the final phase of the attack.
The final attack on the Institute has begun.

Behind the scenes

The phrase "ad victoriam" is Latin, meaning "to victory", and is the motto of the Brotherhood of Steel.

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