Abraxodyne Chemical

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Abraxodyne Chemical
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Company data
ProductsAbraxo cleaner
Tastee Cleen sanitizer
CountryUnited States of America
Corporate connections
Parent entityRobCo Industries

Abraxodyne Chemical (commonly shortened to Abraxodyne or Abraxo) was a pre-War company which produced detergents and other cleaning-related products and a fully owned subsidiary of RobCo Industries.[1]


Abraxodyne Chemical's most well-known product was Abraxo cleaner, a household detergent widely used in Washington, D.C. and the southwest U.S. before the Great War which they exported manufacturing of the product to many manufacturing plants like Takoma Industrial. Its product range also included a food sanitizer, designed to unlock additional nutritional value in food and beverages by removing trace bacteria.[2]

Known products


Two products of the company, Abraxo cleaner and the food sanitizer, appear in Fallout 3, while only the Abraxo cleaner appears in Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4.