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Abandoned house
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Map MarkerAbandoned House
Part ofTranquility Lane
Cell NameTLAbandonedHouse
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It's in the abandoned house. He doesn't want us going in there, because he's afraid we might find it.

T. Dithers

The abandoned house is a house in the Tranquility Lane simulation in Fallout 3. It contains a hidden terminal which allows the player to complete the Tranquility Lane quest without satisfying Betty's morbid sense of entertainment.


As with all houses in Tranquility Lane, it has 2 stories with the front door entering into the lounge, which features a garden gnome, cinder block, glass pitcher, broken radio and an empty bottle. The other ground level rooms are a bathroom and a kitchen. Upstairs, the house has another bathroom, and a bedroom with 2 single beds.

In a stark contrast to the pristine condition of all the other houses in Tranquility Lane, the abandoned house is noticeably dark and unkempt, with much of the furniture knocked over.

Outside, a doghouse can be found on the section.

Related quest


  • If you choose to complete the quest according to Betty's tasks, the doghouse outside can be interacted with to retrieve the Pint-Sized Slasher gear.
  • The beds on the second floor can be slept in.
  • It is possible to activate the fail-safe in the house without speaking to anyone and complete the quest.
  • To see the details, please go to the quest page above.


The abandoned house appears only in Fallout 3.