Abandoned house (Fallout 4)

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Abandoned house
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Cell NameCharlestownHouse01
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The abandoned house is a location in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston in Fallout 4.


This small three story house, tucked in away from the main street, was the home of a family of three. The building is three stories tall, including an attic. The ground floor serving a kitchen and living room, the second floor a master bedroom and a child's bedroom, decorated with Nuka-Cola, Red Rocket, and Captain Cosmos posters, alongside a select few Captain Cosmos toys.

Contained within are three holotapes called Control subject's recording a three part story is contained within the notes. A young woman, Research Assistant Peters, volunteered to test out a new radiation treatment serum, devised by a Dr. Roberts: first undergoing gradual irradiation to six sieverts, and then applying the serum in the hopes of restoring her body to normal condition. She did not survive. Given the name of the tapes, it is likely her serum was a placebo. She was the control test for the experiment, not given the real serum.

Though nothing ties Peters experiment directly to the home, the skeletons of a man and a woman are found outside on the porch in an embrace, and the attic floor is filled with boxed up belongings, with the child's room neat and untouched. This suggests it is likely the home of her parents, mentioned in the holotapes. Notably the toys in what is likely her room are tidily on display, like a older teenager who held onto them for sentimental reasons, and not a child who is actively playing with them. All these details suggest a family in grief.

Of further note, the windows of the home are boarded up, and the deceased couple on the porch have a duffel bag of ammunition with them, suggesting they survived the war. At-least for a while.

Inside the house are a number of leveled Feral ghouls, culminating in a Glowing one. As none of them are uniquely named, they do not seem to have any association with the story featured.


  • Though in not explicitly tied to the story presented in the home and serum mentioned. Both Eddie Winter and Hancock mention experimental treatments which turned them into ghouls. If they are talking about the same treatment, or if Peters was the control group for such a treatment, is unknown. Hancock mentions an experimental drug, whereas Eddie Winter mentions a doctor devising a treatment involving radiation exposure that will make the subject "live forever"[1][2]

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The abandoned house appears only in Fallout 4.