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A Spoonful of Whiskey
A Spoonful of Whiskey.jpg
Quest data
LocationMarguerite's Shack
Given ByMarguerite
Reward50 XP
300-500 caps
6 moonshine
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Base IDxx003f70
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A Spoonful of Whiskey is a quest in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Talk to Marguerite in her shack.
  2. Gather the ingredients she asks for.
    (Optional) Repair her still.
  3. Return when you have the ingredients.

Detailed walkthrough

When first meeting Marguerite, she will try and convince you that she is sick with "orange fever" and she needs some ingredients to make an old family remedy in order to get better. With Medicine and Speech, she will admit she makes moonshine and ask you to gather these items for caps as well as a share of the moonshine.

All of the ingredients are relatively easy to come across if you explore the swampy landscape. All you need are three bags of yeast, either 10 refined punga fruit or 20 wild punga fruit and six fission batteries "for that extra kick".

Upon bringing her all of the ingredients, you will receive 300 caps and six jugs of moonshine. You can also repair her still for good karma or an additional 100 caps (200 with a speech check). This quest is repeatable, allowing you to have a steady income of caps and moonshine as long as you can collect the ingredients.

Quest stages

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  • Since carrying all of the items at once may prove troublesome, due to the ingredients being 70-80 pounds, you can drop the items in her kitchen as you collect them and retrieve them later once you have them all.
  • You can do this over and over, getting more moonshine and caps; with a Barter skill of 100, this means a maximum of 300 caps worth of moonshine each time.
  • Because the individual ingredients are worth more than the actual cap reward and moonshine, it's not advisable to make more moonshine if you are looking to turn a profit.

Behind the scenes

  • The title of this quest may refer to the practice of using small quantities (usually spoonfuls) of high-proof spirits as a 'cure-all' folk remedy, especially in and around Appalachia where the production of home-brewed grain alcohols have been a part of the local culture since the arrival of European settlers in America.
  • The practice of adding battery acid to moonshine is intended to make it taste more alcoholic than it actually is. It does not actually improve the finished product, and can, in fact, make it dangerous to consume.
  • The original draft of this quest had the player bringing in an additional 24 bottles of purified water to help brew the moonshine. This can be seen on the GECK's list of quest entries.