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A New Threat
GeneralAtomicsFactory Location FO4.png
The plot thickens
Quest data
LocationGeneral Atomics factory
Given ByAda
RewardVariable XP
Editor IDDLC01MQ02
Base IDxx000801
Related quests
Mechanical Menace
leads to:

A New Threat is a quest and achievement/trophy in the Fallout 4 add-on, Automatron.


With a new robotic companion joining the party, the Sole Survivor embarks on a journey to the General Atomics factory in South Boston to track down the Mechanist, and their rogue robotic army, that is now terrorizing the Commonwealth.


  1. After completing Mechanical Menace, the Sole Survivor will be tasked by Ada to travel to the nearby General Atomics factory, in order to track down a signal from the Mechanist.
  2. Upon fighting through the robotic forces stationed at the factory, it is revealed that the signal is being transmitted to a robobrain. Take the Mechanist device from this robobrain.
  3. After presenting the device to Ada, she will discern that it is actually a satellite tracking device, and that they can install it onto her chassis, in order to discern the Mechanist's whereabouts.
  4. Using the schematic that Ada gave to the Sole Survivor earlier, a robot workbench will need to be created at any settlement, in which the radar beacon can then be attached to her.
  5. Upon activation, Ada will reveal that she will need two additional beacons in order to crack the encryption on the signal, and she will then mark the location of two other robobrains.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Investigate General Atomics Factory Ada said she saw the Mechanist's robots at the General Atomics Factory. I may be able to find something there to help us discover where the Mechanist is.
Search the Robobrain While searching General Atomics, I discovered a Robobrain. Somehow I need to search this new robot and see if I can find anything that will lead me to the Mechanist.
Speak to Ada I should ask Ada about the strange device I found on the robobrain.
Build the Robot Workbench Ada suggested I use a robot workbench to install the radar beacon on her, but first I need to find a workbench to build one.
Speak to Ada Now that I've built the robot workbench, I should speak to Ada to let her know it's ready.
Install Radar Beacon on Ada Now that the robot workbench is built, I can use it to install the radar beacon on Ada.
Speak to Ada I successfully installed the radar beacon on Ada. I should speak to her and find out what she's learned from it.


  • The quest can fail to update after the radar beacon is installed. On PC, this can be bypassed by typing player.setstage 01000801 2900 in console.
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