A Model Citizen

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A Model Citizen
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Quest data
LocationVault 88
Given ByValery Barstow
Editor IDDLC06MQ03
Base IDxx004840
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leads to:
Explore Vault 88
Power to the People

A Model Citizen is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Vault-Tec Workshop.


Meeting Valery Barstow is unlike any other meeting in the life of the Sole Survivor. Led by curiosity, they decide to investigate the Vault and put the remains of the construction crews out of their misery.


  1. Kill all of the ghouls (that aren't Valery Barstow). There should be about five or six feral ghouls.
  2. Valery will request an Overseer's desk for her to work on. Construct it using 5 wood, 3 steel, 2 rubber, 2 circuitry, 2 copper, and 4 aluminum.
  3. Talk to Valery. Once she accesses the computer, she will request switching on the radio beacon in the reactor room (or simply comment on it being switched on).
  4. Complete Explore Vault 88.
  5. Afterward, return to the Vault 88 entrance and help Valery Barstow interview the three candidates up for residency within the Vault.
  6. Accepting Clem into the Vault completes the quest.

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