ATLAS Research Log No. 293

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ATLAS Research Log No. 293
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ATLAS Research Log No. 293 is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.




Isaac Hammond: ATLAS Project, Research Log 292. 93? 93.

It's been five months. Five months since that day.

They abandoned me. The military never believed in ATLAS. It was just another weapon. When the nukes fell, what did it matter?

ATLAS, this research... it's been my life's work. We need ATLAS. The world needs ATLAS. Now more than ever.

I have to finish it. Everything I need, it's all here. I just need time. And hands.

I've activated all of the robots. They're security bots, they were never programmed for this. But it's all I've got. I can make it work.

I've replaced the main lens. Finished the particle analysis. I think the accelerator is finally stable.

I'm so tired. But I have to keep going. Just a little more. It's almost done. Almost done.

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