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For an overview of plasma rifle models throughout the Fallout series, see Plasma rifle.
A3-21's plasma rifle
Plasma rifle icon.png
SkillEnergy Weapons
Attack statistics
50 (57.5)
100 (115)
DPS (reload)
66.7 (76.7)
Crit Dmg
Crit % Mult
Crit Effect
Disintegration on death
Ammo & reloading
Ammo TypeMicrofusion cell
Ammo Cap.12
Reload Time
Item HP1200
Plasma rifles
QuestsThe Replicated Man
Editor ID?
Base ID0006b539
Perk Effects
Perks (dam.)

A3-21's plasma rifle is a unique weapon in Fallout 3.


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Plasma rifles or plasma casters are high tech weapons firing superheated bolts of plasma, powered by either microfusion cells or heavy energy cells, which find numerous applications in military and industrial fields. The bolts form into toroids in the plasma chamber, which are then sent down a superconducting barrel,[1][2][3] propelled by, and in some models stabilized by electromagnetic claws upon exiting it.[4] However, the plasma bolt chamber can be hotwired in order to accelerate the bolt formation process, effectively turbocharging the rifle.[5] The primary damage mechanism of plasma rifles is thermal transfer, causing serious burns to soft targets and melting hard ones. In extreme cases, the plasma can cause spontaneous dissolution of the target, including separation of soft tissues from hard ones or wholesale molecular destabilization that turns the target into a viscous green fluid.[6]

Initially, the weapon was a bulky, industrial plasma caster, manufactured by Winchester Arms; while it performed admirably, it was expensive and required specialized training to use. However, later developments for the United States Army would lead to a more compact design that was cheaper to produce and easier to train for, perfectly suited for urban warfare.[7]

This plasma rifle is a lightweight urban warfare weapon created as part of a desire to replace the aging Winchester P94 "Plasma Caster" design.[7] This design was produced and fielded in number prior to the Great War of October 23, 2077. This however was not the end of the design nor manufacture[8] of this weapon platform. Prior to the nuclear Armageddon REPCONN Aerospace – as a subsidiary of RobCo Industries – would successfully develop an improvement from their spaceflight research. With significantly advanced factions tinkering with the design post Armageddon.[9]


The A3-21's plasma rifle is an upgraded version of the normal plasma rifle. It does 5 additional points of damage at max energy weapons and condition and is significantly more durable. The weapon also has a higher critcal hit multiplier meaning it will critically hit more often. It can be repaired with normal plasma rifles, although it is very durable and will not need to be repaired often.

A3-21's plasma rifle can fire a total of 800 bolts, or about 67 full cells, before breaking.



Name Type Dmg/shot DPS Att/sec Crit mult Crit dmg Spread AP cost Ammo Ammo cap Weight Item HP Value
Plasma rifle Energy rifle 45 90 2 x2.0 44 0.2 25 Microfusion cell 12 8 900 1799
A3-21's plasma rifle Energy rifle 50 100 2 x2.5 44 0.2 25 Microfusion cell 12 8 1200 2200


A3-21's plasma rifle is carried by Harkness, but cannot be taken from his person. It is a quest reward received after keeping Harkness' identity safe from Zimmer.

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  • Any regular plasma rifle will set Harold on fire, although Harkness' does not (no unique weapons can). It will, however, detonate gas leaks, like most other energy weapons.
  • You will not be able to acquire A3-21's plasma rifle after you finish "The Replicated Man" by giving Dr. Zimmer the android component. However, it should be noted that you can receive this unique plasma rifle before giving Zimmer the component.


  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png It can turn into a normal plasma rifle, (by name on the Pipboy), but will keep the same stats.


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