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For an overview of 9mm pistol models throughout the Fallout series, see 9mm pistol.
9mm Mauser
Fo1 9mm Mouser.png
Fo Pistol Sprite.png
Damage & attacks
Damage5 - 10
Damage TypeNormal
Attack Modes
SingleAction pointsIcon action.png AP: 4
RangeIcon range.png Range: 22
AimedAction pointsIcon action.png AP: 5
RangeIcon range.png Range: 22
Assault carbine extended magazines icon.png Burst size: rounds
Ammo Type9mm
Value$ 1500
weapon perkWeapon Accurate
Prototype id00000122
Message FilePRO ITEM.MSG

The Mauser M/96 9mm is a weapon in Fallout 2.


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Produced by Mauser,[1][2] the C-96 is a recoil operated, locked breech semi-automatic pistol. The bolt and barrel are locked by a vertically tilting locking piece with two lugs locking into recesses beneath the bolt. It features an adjustable sight for up to 1000 meters, though it's mostly a cosmetic feature, as the ammunition it is made for stops being accurate at less than a quarter of that distance.[3]

The pistol's production run lasted from 1896 until 1938 and was sold to both civilians and military organizations. As a military sidearm, the pistols saw service in various wars, as well as World War I and World War II, and it's now a relic of the Old World.[4]


A very rare pistol, which can be found in a small number of locations. While it's certainly more relevant than in the previous game, owing to ammunition being available in some stores in small amounts, it's still outclassed by every other gun in the game, short of the pipe rifle. Collector's item still, though the Weapon Accurate perk can help characters with poor shooting skills be useful in combat.

Weapon Ammo Performance vs. armor
None Leather jacket Leather armor Metal armor Combat armor Power armor Advanced power armor
9mm Mauser 9mm

1.8 - 4.5

1.4 - 3.5

0 - 1.95

-1.2 - 0.6

-1.5 - 0

-5 - -3.5

-4.55 - -3.5

9mm Mauser 9mm Ball

5 - 10

4 - 8

2.25 - 6

0.7 - 4.2

0 - 3

-4.2 - -1.2

-4.5 - -2.25


Behind the scenes

  • The Mauser is, of course, the Mauser C96, often called the Broomhandle for its distinctive grip. Though it was designed originally for 7.63×25mm, Red 9 variants chambered in 9mm were made during the First World War.
  • Highlighting its unique nature from Fallout, the FRM for the Mauser is actually called GIZGUN1.frm.
  • According to the Fallout demo this pistol's name was originally going to be called "Gizmo's pistol".[5]


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