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For an overview of 5mm round in the Fallout series of games, see 5mm round.
5mm round
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The 5mm round is a Big Guns-only ammunition in Fallout 3.


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A high velocity round designed for assault rifles, the intermediate 5mm M134 cartridge[1] has been replaced by the more powerful 5.56mm round in assault rifles.[2] However, it found a new life as linked, belt fed ammunition for man-portable miniguns on the battlefield, specifically the M134 cartridge and 7.62x51 millimeter rounds.[3] It has also been retained as the ammunition of choice for paratrooper assault carbines, due to its light weight and portability.[4]


The one and only ammunition type for the minigun, the 5mm round is designed for use in bulk. With 240 rounds per reload, the player is encouraged to use it in bulk against their targets.

The Gatling laser largely retires the 5mm as basic ammunition for Big Guns builds, though it may be useful in a backup capacity.

More notably, since ammunition is weightless, 5mm rounds can be used to create makeshift ladders through stacking their large containers.

Weapons using this ammunition


  • The PittGametitle-FO3 TP.png 5mm rounds are an excellent resource for crafting ammunition with the Ammo press.
  • Lucky Harith will stock them in bulk once the player completes investing in his business.
Non-player characters


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