546.14 Hz ULF radio signal

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546.14 hertz ultra low frequency radio signal is a radio "station" that can be listened to in the Sierra Madre. It allows the player to eavesdrop on Dean Domino.


Act 1

  • "{Irritated}You'd think it was Spring the way tourists keep rolling in. "
  • "{Impressed}That one's got a head on their shoulders. {Beat}For now."
  • "{Frowns, to himself}Hope that tourist is hurrying, haven't got all day. "
  • "{Frowns}At least this one seems like a straight shooter. {Beat}Or sucker."
  • "{Frowns}That tourist crosses me, they'll regret it. {Beat, shrugs}Even if they don't, they still might."
  • "{Shakes head, disappointed in self}Should never have set that radio signal on repeat."


  • [Dean] "Where the hell did you get this one. "Dog?" What, so you don't forget your name?"
  • [Dog] "{Curious, slow}I don't remember you. Who are you."
  • [Dean] "A little slow, huh? Uh... Dean. Dean Domino. I... live here."
  • [Dog] "You look like food, smell like food. Dog - hungry."
  • [Dean] "All right, pal, you stay in your corner, I'll stay in mine. {Beat}Do not leave me alone with this thing."
  • [Dean] "Why are you so carved up - {frowns, a little incredulous}that a {emph}bear trap on your arm?"
  • [Dog] "{Slow, to himself}Reminds me, keeps the voice out of my head. He can't talk when the pain's howling at me."
  • [Dean] "Wait, so you're not just slow, you're screwy, too? {Rolls eyes}Some crew we are... we are never getting into the Sierra Madre."
  • [Dog] "Dog is hungry. {Frowns at Dean}Tired of your voice... when do we eat?"
  • [Dean] "Don't like the way this guy is looking at me. You better be his leash."

Act 2


  • [Dean] "{Getting angry}Stop looking at me, you idiot. I can hear your stomach growling from here, I don't like it."
  • [Dog] "{Slow question, starts getting evil}Run from Dog? Dog knows how to hunt. Dog will find you, tear you apart."
  • [Dean] "That a bet you want to take? Cause I'll see that and raise you a few bullets to the skull."
  • [Dog] "Dog's been shot before, many times. Won't stop me from catching you."
  • [Dean] "Hope you've got this one under control because he's giving me a nasty itch on my trigger finger."

Power cables

Forced to do the job:

  • "{Mutters}Didn't come all this way to get conned by some tourist."
  • "{Angry}We'll see who's holding the cards in the end..."
  • "The joke's on you, "partners." You aren't getting to the prize without me."
  • "{Sighs}This is a fine how do you do."
  • "{Grumbles}Should have blown up that seat cushion right when they sat down, would've been a better end than this."
  • "{To himself}Just finish the last job, Dean. It's all you've wanted, just hang in there."
  • "{Himself}Keep your head down, Dean, don't let the locals see you."
  • "Sinclair, you better appreciate all I do to screw you over."
  • "{Mutters}Town's going to be filled with Ghosts when the sky lights up."

Player set up holographic bodyguards:

  • "That tourist is better than most. Probably won't matter."
  • "The linked collars is a new trick. Can't say I like it much."
  • "Waiting for the fireworks. {Beat}Just like last time."
  • "Can't wait to see their faces when they find out what the lock is. Just gotta wait 'em out."
  • "Place is going to be swarming with the masks when the sky lights up."


  • "{himself}Not much time to get to the gates before they shut the door and turn folks away."
  • "Holy Mary, Mother, and Joe - now {emph}there's a show."
  • "{Urgent, worried he's going to get attacked by zombies}All right, now - I'm out of here."
  • "{Urgent, worried he's going to get attacked by zombies}If the Ghost People didn't know we were here before, they know now."
  • "Someone struck up the band. {To himself, grumbling}A band of tortured cats."
  • "What kind of casino has two Grand Openings?"
  • "{Cold, to himself}This is your last hurrah, Sinclair, I promise you."
  • "Just my luck."
  • "Luck's finally shining down on me."
  • "You wait, beautiful. Keep that gate open for me, Dean'll be there soon."

Act 3

  • "Got to say this for Sinclair, he sure knew how to keep things locked down, the tight-assed prick."
  • "Where the hell did everyone else go?"
  • "Wonder what happened to the suckers. {Frowns}Might have gotten taken away, like I did? Hnh."
  • "{Looking around}Hnh. Theater's almost the same as it was."
  • "{Under his breath, after battle in the theater}Not going to be performing here again, that's for sure."
  • "{Frustrated}First time on stage in a hundred years, and it has to be this?"
  • "Need some help here... and that audience is {emph}not looking friendly."
  • "Hope my partner fared better than I did... better not have left me high and dry, get-even's not going to be pretty."
  • "That audience... better lay low, get a feel for the crowd."
  • "Good thing, someone walks in here, they're toast."
  • "I am out of here... well, not to the Villa, just out of the damn theater first chance I get."
  • "{Looking around}This place... hasn't changed at all."