40mm grenade round (Fallout 76)

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For an overview of 40mm grenade rounds throughout the Fallout series, see 40mm grenade.
40mm grenade round
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40mm HEDP (High-Explosive Dual Purpose) M433 round is a explosive ammunition type in Fallout 76.


Main article: 40mm grenade

Created after World War II using the High-Low system developed by the Germans for the 8cm Panzerabwehrwerfer 600, the 40mm grenade offers the operator the ability to deliver a large caliber explosive round to the target with very manageable recoil. The 40mm grenade achieves this by first igniting the propellant in a cup-shaped high-pressure chamber, which then breaks through the copper cover, venting into a low-pressure chamber and propelling the grenade out of its shell and towards the target. The simple, but effective solution has made the 40mm one of the most widely used grenade launcher shells in military service.


Weapons using this ammunition

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3 Oil
5 40mm Grenade Round

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