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372.12 hertz ultra low frequency radio signal is a radio "station" that can be listened to in the Sierra Madre. It allows the player to eavesdrop on Christine Royce.


Act 1


  • [Dean]: "{Gently bringing it up, worried she remembers him}Eh... those scars? What happened, somebody... something carve you up, or...?"
  • [Christine narrows her eyes, gets into a combat stance.]
  • "{Chuckles}I'm not going to hurt you... yet. Much. Scars tell a story, some old, some new... {slow}and the one on the throat is fresh and red."
  • [Christine studies Dean, frowns.]
  • "Don't... eh... don't talk much, do you?"
  • [Christine shakes her head slowly.]
  • "{Sighs, irritated at being rebuffed}All right, then. I'll just wallflower it over here."
  • [Christine frowns, tilts her head slightly.]
  • [Dean] "{Testing the waters}Damn shame, hate to think if someone put you in there. Who bailed you out again, the new guy? Interesting."

Remarks by Dean

  • "{Amused, evil}What's this little doll? Were you carved by a craftsman, little doll, or were you mauled by a drunk who didn't know his tools?"
  • "So... what's your story, beautiful?"

Act 2


  • [Dean]: "{Curious}Someone wanted to cut your voice, little doll. Or they didn't finish their work, or didn't know how to."
  • [Christine frowns.]
  • [Dean] "Oh, it wasn't me... I have no use for your neck beyond what encircles it. {Snarls, to himself, disgruntled}The lack of screams when I finally kill you... that is what I'll regret."
  • [Christine's eyes narrow.]
  • "Don't get me wrong, that's a plus in my book."
  • "[Christine eyes narrow to slits.]"
  • "Still, are you getting any shred of your voice healed up, or...? Like anything?"


  • If the player hasn't dropped Christine off at the Gala Event and she is alone at the fountain, this will be crackling silence (alternatively, clicking or Christine breathing, "normally" for her.)
  • [After Gala Event, not Act 3 yet.] [Frantic beating on the elevator door, desperate breathing, sounds of Gala event in streets above, muted.]
  • If the player has left Christine at the Gala Event in a "good" way, this is the signal that will play: Christine is breathing slightly faster than normal, no banging or panic. She taps on metal, as if tapping a message in Morse code for "hurry up"
  • If the player has left Christine at Gala Event and she hates the player, she'll bang on the doors of the elevator to be let out: Hammering on door, desperate, her breathing ragged and panicked.

Act 3

  • Duplicate lines from Christine's voice test.