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300 Pieces of Silver
Quest data
End LocationMegaton
Given BySilver or Moriarty
RewardKarma (good or bad)
Moriarty's favor
Related quests
Following in His Footsteps

300 Pieces of Silver is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3.


The Lone Wanderer needs information from Colin Moriarty. If they don't want to pay for it, then they can act as a debt collector for Megaton's wannabe mob boss: Collect money from a former "employee" of his, Sarah Silver, who fled Megaton.


  • Silver is found in a ranch house at Springvale, near the path up to Vault 101. Once the player arrives, they can resolve the situation in five ways:
    • Kill her and obtain 400 caps along with her equipment, with no negative karma gain (unless the player also takes her items, considered owned). Silver will attack if the player mentions that they're there to collect for Moriarty.
    • Use Speech to convince her to give up the 400 caps in exchange for telling Moriarty she's gone.
      • The player can kill her afterwards for negative karma and another 100 caps.
    • Convince her to pay 300 caps in exchange for the above.
    • Tell Moriarty she got away without taking money or ignoring her. Doing so gives positive karma, but forces the player to steal the information or pay up (100 or 300 caps).
  • Silver can be encountered right after getting out of the Vault. The player can learn of her plight and then complete the quest as normal (if they straight-up tell Moriarty that Silver is gone or dead, he will not offer the quest, obviously).
  • The quest will be locked off if the player learns about James' location before asking either Moriarty or Silver about the money, talked to Three Dog, or completed any portion of the Search for James after that.

Behind the scenes

  • The quest's name is a reference to the biblical Judas Iscariot, who according to the Gospel of Matthew was paid 30 pieces of silver to identify Jesus to Roman soldiers.