1st Recon beret

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1st Recon beret
1st Recon beret.png
Icon beret.png
DT0Item HP50
Effects+5 Crit. chance
+1 PER
base id000ccebf

The last thing you never see.

— 1st Recon motto

1st Recon beret is a piece of headwear in Fallout: New Vegas.


Main article: Berets

The distinctive red beret is the headgear of members of the elite 1st Reconnaissance Battalion of the New California Republic Army, with the unit insignia (metal plaque with bear skull superimposed on a pair of scoped rifles, with the motto The last thing you never see beneath) prominently featured above the left eye. It is customarily worn pushed to the right and retired servicemen are entitled to keeping their beret.


An excellent stat-boosting item, the beret does not have any protective qualities (obviously), but adds +1 to Perception and +5 critical chance for the wearer. It works particularly well with Finesse, Four Eyes, and builds tailored for critical chance. It can be used to repair regular berets, so care needs to be taken.

The beret Boone carries with himself can be taken, but he will ask the player to return it.


Non-player characters


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png PCIcon pc.png If multiple berets are carried, they will stack, but only one will be visible.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png PCIcon pc.png The rear of the Beret may clip through the wearer's head.