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1st Recon assault armor
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DT15Item HP400
EffectsDisguise: NCR
NCR trooper armor
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There's no controlling war. No sense regretting what you can't stop.

Boone upon coming to terms with his past and donning the armor.

1st Recon assault armor is a piece of armor in Fallout: New Vegas.


The assault armor is designed for marksmen deployed in an offensive role, to provide them with adequate protection. Its darker coloring and red face wrap also create a psychological effect, as much for the wearer as for their victims – if they see the marksman first. For Boone, this choice of attire symbolizes nihilism and fatalism, instilled in him by the Courier and the revelation that war... is just war.

Unlike regular troops, Boone wears his with grunt trousers and boots.


A weightless armor with 15 damage threshold, it is given to Boone once his quest arc is completed.


Behind the scenes

  • The Official Game Guide states that it and the 1st Recon survival armor can be acquired by the player by simply taking them from Boone. This is not true, as the armor can only be added to the player's inventory with console commands and even then, it will cause graphical errors.[1]



  1. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.212: "Tip No, Boone didn't give the armor to you. But you can simply trade the item, swapping it (or taking it) by opening his Inventory. Boone doesn't mind. Remember you can have only one of the two types of armor, although they are statistically identical."