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1st Company
LeadershipLieutenant Hayes
FoundedNew California Republic Army
Notable MembersSergeant Lee
Sergeant McGee
Private Tyrone[1]
Notable LocationsPrimm, Mojave Wasteland
Relations and associations
Parent5th Army Battalion

1st Company is a division of the New California Republic Army's 5th Battalion.


Not much is known of the exploits of 1st Company before 2281, but they have been sent to Primm in the Mojave Wasteland to return control of the New California Republic Correctional Facility back to the N.C.R. away from the it's former inmates, the Powder Gangers.[2]


1st Company appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. The Courier: "Tyrone has been selling chemical supplies to the Great Khans. Here - I got these from him."
    Hayes: "Tyrone wasn't authorized to deliver any of this. There were reports of our supplies being used by the Great Khans to make illegal chems. Until now, we've never had any hard evidence. Most of the chems end up with the Fiends, a group of crazies the NCR tangles with regularly. We'll have to conduct a thorough investigation of all our quartermasters, and crack down on sloppy record-keeping. Thank you. Other than Tyrone, were any other NCR citizens involved in this smuggling operation?"
    The Courier: "Chomps Lewis, the foreman at Sloan, was also involved."
    Hayes: "All right. I'll have him brought in for questioning."
    (Hayes' dialogue)
  2. Hayes: "I'm Lieutenant Hayes of the New California Republic Army, 5th Battalion, 1st Company. What's your business?"
    The Courier: "What are you doing out here?"
    Hayes: "We were sent out here to hold back the tide of convicts from the correctional facility. As you can probably tell, we aren't doing the kind of job we could be doing."
    The Courier: "What's the problem with your mission?"
    Hayes: "The mission isn't a problem. The problem is with supplies. The convicts are better armed and organized than our intel initially suggested. I'm trying to get some reinforcements here, maybe some guns with some firepower, but... shit... things are just going slow."
    (Hayes' dialogue)
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