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For an overview of .44 rounds throughout the Fallout series, see .44 round.
.44 round
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.44 round is a ballistic ammunition type in Fallout 76.


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The powerful .44 Magnum round was originally developed for revolvers. Soon adapted for pistols and even rifles, it is a large-bore cartridge delivering a heavy, sizable bullet at very high velocities. Its excellent stopping power and range also result in plenty of recoil and a distinctive muzzle blast, making it a poor choice for users prizing maneuverability and control over sheer firepower. However, it remains well suited for any inhabitant of the wasteland needing a round capable of stopping monsters, human or otherwise.

The basic .44 Magnum ammunition is a standard full metal jacket bullet: A soft metal core surrounded by a jacket made from tougher metal. This allows for higher muzzle velocities and greater damage, as well as increased performance against armor. The increased damage is reduced somewhat by the fact that the metal jacket limits the expansion, resulting in less kinetic energy transferred to the target.

Weapons using this ammunition

Weapons using this ammunition

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  • A relatively common ammo type and particularly easy to manufacture at any tinker's workbench.