.32 pistol (Fallout Shelter)

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.32 pistol
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Game tile Fallouit Shelter.png

.32 pistol is a weapon in Fallout Shelter. There are six variations of the weapon, including a unique legendary .32 pistol.


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A Smith & Wesson .32 Double Action revolver is a small, concealable sidearm whose origins date back to the late 19th century. This break-top revolver is chambered in .32 caliber short, making it woefully underpowered against most threats lurking in the wasteland.

List of variants

Variant name Rarity Damage Description
Rusty Common 1 The least dependable handgun in the wasteland. Good luck.
.32 pistol Common 1-2 Powerful enough to kill an attacker. Barely.
Enhanced .32 pistol Common 1-3 A decent gun for killing unarmored opponents.
Hardened Rare 1-4 Just enough to keep you in the fight. And maybe even win.
Armor piercing Rare 1-5 Serious stopping power in a small package.
Wild Bill's sidearm Legendary 1-6 When someone says "draw," you say "die."