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For an overview of .308 caliber ammunition throughout the Fallout series, see .308 caliber round.
.308 caliber round
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The .308 caliber round (pronounced: "three-oh-eight" or "three-aught-eight") is a Small Guns ammunition for the sniper rifle and its unique versions.


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The .308 is a rimless, bottlenecked rifle cartridge that enjoyed tremendous popularity on the market before the Great War. Excellent performance in all aspects led to its widespread adoption by civilian and military weapons manufacturers, with hunting, marksman, and even automatic rifles manufactured to use this type of ammunition. Grandad's brand[1] .308 full metal jacket was particularly popular before the war and packages of this ammunition are still commonly available from merchants and within ruins, though military cases with .308 ammunition are more common in some areas. It was this cartridge from which the 7.62mm round was derived.


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The standard .308 full metal jacket round is a lead core jacketed with copper and offers excellent performance against soft targets, with or without body armor.

Game mechanics

.308 ammunition is fairly rare in the game, right after .44 round, Magnum and BBs, and cannot be easily procured from enemies, as they rarely use sniper rifles.

Weapons using this ammunition



† Once their respective quests are completed.

Notable locations

Closest map marker Amount Description
Bethesda Ruins ~25 A raider sniper set up a nest in a dilapidated office building; Dispatching him will yield his rifle and ammunition on his body and inside the ammo boxes.
Megaton ~10 .308 rounds, sniper rifle hollowed-out rock behind Megaton (south-east)
Minefield Ammunition boxes In Arkansas' next.
Rivet City Ammunition boxes with about 5 rounds in each box On the upper balconies.
Rockbreaker's Last Gas ~10 .308 rounds Inside the sniper shack west of the station, inside an ammo box next to the Victory rifle locker
Yao guai tunnels ~10 .308 rounds South west of the tunnels, near the tent on the sniper perch.
The Mill The PittGametitle-FO3 TP.png Ammo press Allows for manufacturing of .308 ammunition after Free Labor.
Calvert Mansion Point LookoutGametitle-FO3 PL.png ~5 .308 rounds Ammunition box in the greenhouse
Turtledove Detention Camp Point LookoutGametitle-FO3 PL.png ~50 .308 rounds Inside the administration building


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