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$20 NCR
FNV 20$ bill.png
Icon NCR money 20.png
Value8 caps
Base ID00176ac8
0013a4d7 (item)

The New California Republic twenty dollar bill is a denomination of the NCR dollar in Fallout: New Vegas, comparable to the Legion denarius and other standard currency denominations.


The obverse of the bill depicts the portrait of First Ranger Seth, the Treasurer's signature (John Michael Henderton, the seal of the Republic Reserve and its location (Angel's Boneyard), as well as the bill's serial number (N974825), and information that it is considered both legal tender and not payable in specie.

The reverse of the bill depicts the two symbols of the New California Republic Rangers: The star badge and the Bear-and-Star. Both sides feature identification of the denomination, in words and numbers.


The $20 bill is always worth 8 caps, due to the relative strength of the bottle cap and the lack of backing for the Republic currency. It is not affected by the Barter skill.


  • It is one of the rarer denominations, but is commonly found on non-player characters related to the NCR, from NCR troopers, through merchants, to powder gangers. It is never found in any Legion locations or on Legion characters.
  • Received from NCR quest givers as reward.
  • All casinos can exchange chips for NCR currency.

Behind the scenes

  • An old version of the bill, where its price wasn't hardcoded, is still present in the game files.